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Sunday, May 28, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

The AI Advantage: Revolutionizing Residential Real Estate

Chapter 1: The Start of a Journey
Chapter 2: The Leap of Faith
Chapter 3: The AI Awakening
Chapter 4: A Future Shaped by AI
Chapter 5: The Journey Ahead – AI, Humans, and The Harmony in Between
Chapter 6: The AI Revolution - Beginning of a New Era
Chapter 7: Embracing the Future - AI and Beyond
Chapter 8: The Leap Forward - The First VR Project
Chapter 9: The Horizon – A Glimpse into the Future
Chapter 10: Innovating Forward
Chapter 11: Embracing Change
Chapter 12: The Trials of Innovation: Navigating the AI Minefield
Chapter 13: AI and VR - Navigating the Waves of Innovation
Chapter 14: Unveiling the Power of Resilience: Lessons from an Ambitious Capstone Project 
Chapter 15: 10 Predictions on how AI will transform Residential Real Estate by 2030
Chapter 16: Unleashing the Power of Innovation: A Journey Beyond Boundaries ...

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Friday, May 26, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

Top 10 Cities to Buy a Home in North Texas

North Texas is a vibrant region known for its robust economy, diverse culture, and thriving real estate market. If you're considering buying a home in North Texas, you're in for a treat. The area boasts a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and amenities. Here, we've compiled a list of the top 10 cities in North Texas that you should consider for your next home.

1. Frisco
Frisco is a rapidly growing city known for its excellent school system and sports facilities. With the Dallas Cowboys' headquarters and the Frisco RoughRiders, sports enthusiasts will feel right at home. The city also boasts a low crime rate and a high median income, making it a great place for families.
2. Plano
Named the best place to live in the Western United States by CNN Money magazine, Plano offers a high quality of life. It's home to several corporate headquarters, providing ample job opportunities. The city also has a vibrant downtown area filled with restaurants, shops, and parks.
3. ! ...

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Thursday, May 25, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

Why Homeownership is a Smart Move in Today's Inflationary Climate - BiggsRealty.com

Feeling the pinch of inflation? You're not alone. From groceries to gas, prices are on the rise, and if you're a renter, you're likely feeling the sting as your monthly payments continue to climb. Amid escalating costs and potential recession fears, you might be questioning whether buying a home in the current economic climate is a wise move. The answer, quite simply, is yes. Here's why. Owning a home can act as a buffer against the escalating costs brought on by inflation. As Freddie Mac points out, "Buying a home today not only starts you on the path to building equity, but securing a fixed-rate mortgage can also lock in your monthly housing costs long-term, even as other living expenses continue to increase – a trend we've been seeing over the past few years."

Unlike rental costs, which typically increase over time, a fixed-rate mortgage payment remains constant throughout the mortgage term (usually 15 to 30 years). In an environment where prices are generally rising, maintm ...

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Saturday, May 20, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

What Are the Experts Saying About the Spring Housing Market?

The housing market’s been going through a lot of change lately, and there’s been uncertainty surrounding what will happen this spring. You may be wondering if more homes will go on the market, what’s next with home prices and mortgage rates, or what the best advice is for someone in your position right now.
Here’s what industry experts are saying right now about the spring housing market and what it means for you:
Selma Hepp, Chief Economist, CoreLogic:
“We see more competition among buyers . . . Housing supply also tends to grow during the spring months. And this is also the time of year when relatively more migration happens, as people graduate and move elsewhere looking for jobs.”
Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst, Bankrate:
“I don’t expect big moves in prices in the span of a month, but like the flower buds of spring, the housing market is showing signs of improvement. A pick up in activity with inventory still low does bode . ...

Monday, May 15, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

Why Today's Foreclosure Numbers Are Nothing Like 2008

You’ve likely seen headlines about the number of foreclosures climbing in today’s housing market. That may leave you with a few questions, especially if you’re thinking about buying a house. Understanding what they really mean is mission-critical if you want to know the truth about what’s happening today.
According to a recent report from ATTOM, a property data provider, foreclosure filings are up 6% compared to the previous quarter and 22% since one year ago. As media headlines call attention to this increase, reporting on just the number could actually generate worry and may even make you think twice about buying a home for fear that prices could crash. The reality is, while increasing, the data shows a foreclosure crisis is not where the market is headed. 
Let’s look at the latest information with context so we can see how this compares to previous years.
It Isn’t the Dramatic Increase Headlines Would Have You Believe
In recent years, the. ...