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Saturday, April 1, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

4 Key Tips for Selling Your House This Spring

Spring has arrived, and that means more and more people are getting their homes ready to sell. But with recent shifts in real estate, this year’s spring housing market will be different from the frenzy of the past several years. To sell your house quickly, without hassles, and for the most money, be sure to follow these four simple tips!

1. Make Sure You Give Buyers Access: One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a seller is limiting the days and times when buyers have access to view your home. In any market, if you want to maximize the sale of your house, you can’t limit potential buyers’ access to view it. If it’s not accessible, it could cost you by sitting on the market longer and ultimately selling for a lower price.

2. Make Your Home Look as Good as Possible on the Inside: For anything to sell, especially your home, it must look inviting. Your real estate agent can give you expert advice on ideal staging for your home. Even updating a r. ...

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Saturday, April 1, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

Get Ready: The Best Time To List Your House Is Almost Here!

If you’re thinking about selling this spring, it’s time to get moving – the best week to list your house is fast approaching.

Experts at realtor.com looked at seasonal trends from recent years (excluding 2020 as an uncharacteristic year due to the onset of the pandemic) and determined the ideal week to list a house this year:

“Home sellers on the fence waiting for that perfect moment to sell should start preparations, because the best time to list a home in 2023 is approaching quickly. The week of April 16-22 is expected to have the ideal balance of housing market conditions that favor home sellers, more so than any other week in the year.”

If you’ve been waiting for the best time to sell, this is your chance. But remember, before you put your house on the market, you’ve got to get it ready. And if you haven’t started that process yet, you’ll need to move quickly. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Work with. ...

Thursday, March 9, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

5 Tips For Buying A Home In North Texas

Are you looking to purchase a home but not sure where to start? The process of finding a house can be overwhelming, but there are a few tips that will help make the journey smoother.

Know What You Can Afford– Before you can even begin your search for the perfect home, you should have an accurate idea of how much house you can realistically afford. It's important to consider factors such as your monthly income, down payment, closing costs, and other expenses before making any decisions. Any real estate agent at Biggs Realty can introduce you to several trusted local mortgage experts and help you get pre-approved.

Consider Your Needs– When searching for a home, it's important to look at what your needs are before deciding on any particular property. Ask yourself questions like: How much space do I need? Do I want a large yard or outdoor space? Do I need extra bedrooms or office space? What kind of amenities am I looking for? Answering these questions will help nar ...

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Tuesday, March 7, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Real Estate Professional at Biggs Realty

Selling or buying a home can be an exciting, yet daunting task. It’s important to have someone on your side, who knows the ins and outs of real estate, to make sure you are getting the best deal. That’s where Biggs Realty comes in. With a professional, licensed, real estate agent, you can rest assured that all transactions will be handled with the utmost care and expertise. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of enlisting their services.

Experience Matters
The team at Biggs Realty has more than 25 years of experience in helping buyers and sellers navigate the process of selling and buying homes, so you know you're in good hands. From writing offers, to navigating inspections and appraisals, they have seen it all before which means they are better equipped to help you through each step of the process. Plus, their knowledge allows them to negotiate better deals and position their clients for an optimal outcome on each transaction!

Marketing is Key
When it comes t ...

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Monday, March 6, 2023   /   by Kenneth Brands

The North Texas Real Estate Bubble

If you're looking for a vibrant and diverse real estate market, North Texas is the perfect place to start your search. Whether you're in the market for a single-family home, a condo, or an upscale estate, there are plenty of options with something for everyone. With its booming economy and numerous cultural attractions, it's no wonder why more people are choosing to call North Texas home.
The current real estate market in North Texas offers potential buyers many benefits. In fact, this area has been rated one of the best places to buy property in the United States. The median sales price of homes in North Texas is increasing steadily as demand continues to outpace supply.* This means that now is a great time to invest in property here and take advantage of these rising prices.
But purchasing property can be an intimidating process and it's important to have an experienced real estate agent on your side. At Biggs Realty, we understand the complexities associated with buying or sellings ...

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