When your company is bought out or acquired by another entity it can be a scary time. What changes will be made, will my work continue as usual? It’s not uncommon for agents to switch companies after an acquisition in fact, over 20% of agents will leave their current broker after a corporate buy out. Furthermore, if you decide to stay, corporate changes can take months if not years to play out, there will be waves of changes over time. 

If you’re looking for a new avenue or thinking of making a switch, now would be the time. We invite you to look into Biggs Realty and what we have to offer. We have researched every brokerage firm, large and small and found several common flaws outlined below. 

  • Lack of support

  • Too expensive

  • Too much recruiting

  • Lack of Technology

  • Uneducated management

  • Empty promises of change

  • Old thought processes

Derick Biggs, the broker and founder of Biggs Realty was an Ebby agent for over 15 years. His/our goal was not to create a “big box” broker or be one of the countless  firms to fall into an ever expanding ocean of normalcy among the Real Estate industry. We wanted something different, outside the box and well, better. We strive to create a new market segment for the Real Estate industry. An industry where technology is not an after thought or a third party offering but a center piece that anchors all agents in their daily tasks. Other companies utilize some of our ideals and software techniques including: Amazon, Google, Apple, Netflix just to name a few. Those companies are at the top of their game because they innovated, automated and had the foresight and ambition to drive change in their industries. We invite you to call or email us today to learn more about us, our software and how we are changing Real Estate. Hindsight is 20/20, don’t get left behind, your time is now. 

Derick Biggs – derick@biggsrealty.com


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