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Pearce High School8

Richardson, TX | Dallas County

July 10, 2014

Top-rated school, renowned in the community, highly desirable and sought after. The school administration, the teachers, and the school district uphold strict standards of excellence intended to inspire everyone involved in the educational process (especially students) to perform at their optimal best by meeting all course requirements in order to obtain a passing grade. Teaching is often geared toward the upper level and middle level students leaving challenged students without the benefit of an alternative educational model. Teaching to the multiple intelligences and learning styles appears to be forgotten at this school as the concept continues to remain unused, causing students with varied learning styles to fall behind with no hope of catching up. As a result, the overall educational atmosphere is as motivating for some as it is demotivating for others. Student success depends entirely on the student's level of commitment (and their subsequent family support) to achieve and complete a quality education. Those who fall short (either in ability to learn, family support, or both) often fail leading to this school's higher than average drop out rate

Submitted by a teacher

April 16, 2014

This is an incredible school. The administration, coaches, directors and teachers work hard to allow students to be in multiple activities, if the students are willing to make the sacrifice. Perfect example is the athletic director. He performed (yes, singing and dancing) at the choir show last fall. The latest theater production this spring, Beauty and the Beast, included quite a few athletes. The academic expectations are very high. Fine arts programs including choir, theater and band are top notch. I have had one child graduate from JJP and three more in the pipeline. We are very pleased with the expectations, teachers and opportunities at JJP.

Submitted by a parent

August 8, 2013

I'm an international school, i want to attend this school in grade 10th. Do you think i can catch the lessons? Are there any int' students in this school?

April 1, 2010

I graduate from this school in 2008 after spending only two years there. This is one of the best public schools in America. Pearce students are expected to excel in both academics and extracurriculars. I am currently ranked number one in my class at a top North American university and I believe my years at Pearce had a huge influence on that.

Submitted by a student

December 17, 2009

My child was on 'homebound' schooling for her 7 & 8th grades due to a serious illness. Despite the 2x a week in-home teachings, she fell behind in her learning. Upon entering JJ Pearce HS, I told the principal and counselors of her condition, obtained some tutoring and with a little help from the principal and counselors, my daughter not only is passing her classes, but thriving in this school. The wonderful, caring staff of this school have made such a difference in the life of my daughter. Life could have been much harder for her to adjust and integrate back into school, but everyone at Pearce has given her the understanding and a little extra 'push' to help her through this transition period. My sincere thanks to everyone at Pearce for helping her so she can finish high school and become a healthy, productive individual.

Submitted by a parent

May 29, 2008

I attended Pearce from 03-06 and I loved it! Talk about a great mixture of academically involved students. Thanks to the brilliant teachers at Pearce and a great environment I was able to balance varsity sports, my high G.P.A., a social life, sports newspaper editor, my own volunteer organization and much more! The parents were down right awesome too as well as the counselors and principals. You will not find a better public school out there. Oh, and so much better than HIGHLAND PARK...okay that's just my rivalry-instincts speaking! =)

July 14, 2006

It doesn't get much better than Pearce H.S. Great neighborhood and great school. High expectations for all students in academics, athletics and fine arts. Excellent theater program that welcomes all kids. Faculty is top-notch. Principal provides leadership and vision. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to be involved. Very active PTA and booster clubs support all areas of the school. There is something for everyone at Pearce if you choose to participate.

Submitted by a parent

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